Useful Info


When do I place orders

  • Orders for Summer deliveries are placed from mid January until end of February.
  • Orders for Winter deliveries are placed from mid July until early September.
  • These orders are called indent orders.


What happens once I have placed an order?

  • Once you have placed an order , it will be sent directly to the manufacturer.  The manufacturer will then collate all the orders and send them to their factories to commence production of the garments.
  • If you do not have a trading history, some companies will ask for a deposit on your order. This varies from 20% to 50%.


What do I do if I want to change my order?

  • Please consider very carefully the garments you are ordering and the amount you are spending when you place your order.
  • Contact your agent if you wish to make any changes. Please note: all changes to orders must be made in writing.
  • It is essential that any changes to your order are made within 7 days of placing your order. Orders cannot be cancelled or changed once production has commenced.


Placing orders online

  • For customers who are not able to visit our showroom to view the ranges, we now have an online ordering system. Please contact us if you would like know more about online ordering.
  • Please note: New customers ordering on-line will be required to pay a deposit when placing orders.


Proforma Payments

  • The majority of companies will open your account with proforma payments. Proforma payments are payments that are made to the company before delivery.
  • Please make sure that you allow for this in your seasonal budgets.
  • Prompt payment of your proforma account will secure your stock.
  • By paying your proforma payments promptly, you will establish a good trading record and credit accounts.
  • You will still need to send in your completed account application even if you are paying proforma, as this will provide delivery details to the company.
  • Most companies require credit card details for your first delivery. Please have these details with you at your first appointment.



  • Deliveries for Autumn/winter stock is in January or February.
  • Delivery for Spring/summer stock is in July or August.


Payment Plans and credit card payments

  • MF Imports offer payment plans. You can apply for this when you place your first order eg credit of $10,000 per year would be approx $200 per week.
  • MF Imports accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex. If your account is paid within 30 days there is no surcharge for credit card payment. For overdue accounts, a 1.5% surcharge for credit card payment will apply.
  • Hatley and Books to Bed orders: Payment is made to Hatley Australia. First orders are pre-pay and subsequent orders may be subject to a 50% deposit.


30 day accounts and 7 day payment discount

  • Once you have established that you are a prompt payer and your application for credit has been approved, most companies will place you on a 30 day account.
  • MF Imports offers you a 5% discount for payment within 7 days of receiving your stock.
  • payments on 30 day accounts are due on the 20th of the following month. eg a invoice dated 1st July is due to be paid by the 20th August.
  • Hatley do not offer a settlement discount and do require payment within 60 days. If you do not receive a statement it is advisable to request one. Hatley accounts are done in Canada but payments are to an Australian bank account.

How do I order extra stock?

  • Most manufacturers only make enough stock for the orders that are placed. In some cases, however, there may be extra stock available, particularly early on in the season.
  • Contact Freeman Agencies if you require extra stock in season. These orders can be placed through our online ordering system.

Quick tips

  • Many retailers find that Monday is a busy day in the shop, as parents often go through the wardrobe over the weekend and come in on a Monday to stock up. Lots of baby presents are also sold on Mondays. For these reasons we recommend opening your store on Mondays.
  • January is a good month to hold your summer Sale. If you choose to close for any length of time over January, please be aware that you will lose valuable selling time for your summer stock.
  • A great time to sell your new season stock is at the beginning of the season, when you are holding your ‘end of season’ sale. The sale stock will attract the customers to your store and your new stock will sell early and at full price.


Online Stores

  • If you are starting a new website, you will be required to have an ABN and registered name before placing your first order.
  • Online stores are likely to have to pay deposits when placing orders and to pay proforma at time of delivery.
  • Please note that the minimum order for each label is $1000 and $600 for Books to Bed.


Important things to remember when placing orders for the first time

  • Have a budget in mind.
  • Allow extra time to familiarise yourself with the different ranges available. Ask you agent how much time to allow.
  • Be fresh: These are important decisions you are making, so morning or early afternoon appointments are always best.
  • Avoid distractions: It can very difficult to concentrate and make good decisions when you are distracted by young children. Please arrange childcare for the time of your appointment.
  • If you wish to make any changes to your order please do so within 7 days. All changes must be made in writing.
  • If orders are not placed and signed at the time of showing, no responsibility can be taken by your agent for incorrect orders, orders not placed or unavailable stock.
  • If you are a new retailer, please ensure that you have a signed lease before you come to the showroom to place your orders.


“Useful info and FAQ” is written by Jenni Freeman and cannot be reproduced without authority